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Rochelle, French For Awesome by Rachel Summers

It was a cold evening. Not snowing, just cold. But I didn't wear a jacket. Not because I wanted to look tough or be cold, but because I didn't want to wear the only jacket I had. Well, not want to. More of couldn't.

Not because of it's design, oh no, I loved the design. I loved pretty much everything about that jacket. It was a sleek black leather with a zipper. The zipper was even the perfect gray. Silver was more of the color, but I knew that the zipper wasn't made of silver. Probably a cheap metal.

But anyway, you see how awesome the jacket was? And I couldn't wear it. Why? Because of Wolverine.

Not the real Wolverine, oh no. His name wasn't even Wolverine. It was Logan. Just Logan. Like Wolverine's last name, Logan? You know, Jimmy Logan? Anyway, it wasn't my best nickname. It was actually my worst. But it seemed to annoy the guy. So that's why I picked it.

No one knew his first name, for some odd reason. I don't know why. So it's just Logan. They call him Logan. Even the teacher's call him Logan. But I didn't mention him because no one knew his first name. I mentioned him because he's the reason why I can't wear my leather jacket. My cool, sleek, black leather jacket. That went perfect with my sunglasses.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. What did he do to my jacket you ask? Well well well, it has something to do with glue. Yes, you heard me, glue. Glue and...trash. Not just any trash, let me explain.

You know when a janitor is cleaning up? He need somewhere to put the remains of his cleaning right? That black garbage bag he carries around full of only-Lord-knows-what? Well, yep. You got it. All of that was glued to my precious leather jacket.

And I don't even know why! Okay – that's a lie. I know why. I know exactly why.

Maybe I sorta did something first to get the guy a little aggravated...just a little. But hey, he started it! But then I did that – maybe neither of us know how it began, okay? Maybe our memories don't trace back that far. But all I know is, Wolverine's the reason why I'm cold. Not freezing, just cold. But that doesn't matter. The point is, it was my favorite jacket. My only jacket. And he was going to pay. Big time.

How, I wasn't exactly sure. I just knew that he was going to.

"Rochelle, how come you aren't wearing a jacket? It's cold." I turned around to see Shinichi standing behind me.

"Don't you think I know that?" I replied irritably, rubbing my hands together to generate heat. Shinichi took off his coat and handed it to me.

"Here Rochelle, you'll catch a cold." He told me with a look of concern on his face. I smiled.

"Thanks Shinichi." I grinned. Then my grin faded. "Hey, but what about you?"

"Bah, I'll be fine. Besides, I think I have another coat in my locker." He pointed down the hallway. I nodded.

"Oh, okay then." I glanced down at my watch. "Almost time for me to get to class." I said before he could ask where my jacket was. "Better go, bye." I waved and headed off in the opposite direction.

Anyway, I finally arrived at the door to dreaded Math, my first class of the day. Ms. Sanchez was the teacher, and she took no if ands or buts. None at all.

I gulped and proceeded. I took a seat to see that some of my classmates were missing from their seats. However, Rachel, Anthony, and Katie were all sitting in their seats. They were my homies. Okay, I'd settle for friends, but I liked to call them my homies. 

I sat in the seat in front of Nathaniel Burns, Aka Nate. In front of my desk sat Katie. On my left was Anthony and on the other side of his desk was Rachel. On my right was Wolverine. I gritted my teeth as I remembered my jacket. My other homie, Merche, was in the grade above us. Wolverine's seat was empty, so I naturally assumed he was somewhere doing some stupid thing.

I hoped he got detention for getting his stupid butt late. Ms. Sanchez was behind her desk, giving all of the students her regular look, which was the "I'm in charge of you ALL" look that every teacher had plastered on their faces. How I hated it.

I looked at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring. Waiting for Wolverine to be late. Waiting for the look I'd be able to give him when Ms. Sanchez said, "Mr. Logan, you are late." with those disappointed disapproving eyes of hers. Then he'd shrivel back. That look she gave you was all you needed to know. 

Then the look I'd give him...the sweet look. The "Haha, foolish boy. I WINNN!!!!" look, although I didn't really win anything. Besides, it's not like I've never been late before anyway. So I had no reason to talk. Which is why giving the look would be so sweet.

I looked at the clock with perspiration building up on my forehead. Anthony politely tapped me on the shoulder. 

"Hello Rochelle, good morning to you." He smiled that wide smile that he gave everyone when he was having a bad day. Why he smiled when he had a bad day I had no idea. I would have probably frowned and taken out my bad day on other people, but hey, that was just me.

"Hey Anthony." I replied. There was no reason to ignore the guy. After all, what had he ever done to me, right? He was my homie, my posse. My nerd. I looked behind me and leaned over my seat. "Sup Nate." I said to Nathaniel, who was reading a book to pass the time.

"Um...it's Ned." He corrected me in that nasally voice of his. "But hi." I waved and sat back in my seat. I leaned over Anthony's desk and tapped Rachel. She was looking in front of her, and talking to Katie.

"Sup Rachel."

"Hi Rochelle." She waved. We both completely ignored the fact that I was majorly invading Anthony's personal space. He twitched.


"So what's the four one one?" I asked Rachel, ignoring Anthony.

"Ah, nothing much. I was just telling Katie how she should get over herself and apologize to Mikey for being a jerk." Katie glared at her.

"No we weren't. We were talking about Joey!"

"We were? Oh my, must have been a Freudian Slip." Rachel put her hands on her cheeks in a damsel in distress manner. Katie's glare intensified.

"What did I say about Mikey?"

Rachel sighed. "Stay off the subject?"

"So you DO remember."

"Kate," I began. "Nothing's going to be solved this way. If you really hate him that much, slug 'em good, then forgive him." I explained. "It never works but you can try it." Katie directed her glare at me.

"Rochelle, hush. You're no help. Besides, Mikey - " She was inturrupted by the sound of the classroom door opening. Wolverine. Made it. In time. I growled.

"What's up with you?" Rachel asked.

"Wolverine!" I informed her.

"Who?" Katie asked.

"Um, Rochelle?" Anthony tapped my shoulder. I turned towards him.

"What?" I asked, not realizing how close our faces were. His face lit up red like a Christmas tree light. 

"Nothing!" He quickly said as he scooted his chair backwards, nearly falling over. I grabbed the edge of his chair just in time.

"Careful, nerd." I told him.

Before we continue, I need to explain something. I called Anthony, nerd. Not because I think he's a nerd, because he is a nerd. I don't have anything against nerds, either. In fact, I like nerds. Their cool people to hang out with. I didn't mean nerd as an insult. I say it all the time, like a pet name. It's a casual thing. It doesn't really hurt him, anyway. Sure it's irritating but he knows that I mean no harm.

"Anthony." He corrected. I rolled my eyes.

"Alright, Anthony." I repeated, trying to make a perfect imitation of his voice. I sat back down in my seat and saw that Logan had already seated next to me. He looked over and my face scrunched up in anger as a evil grin spread across his face.

"'Morning Rochella." He smiled brightly. Another thing, the moron took kindly to calling me...Rochella. My name was Rochelle. No extensions, no y or ie. Just Rochelle. It's french for awesome. No not really but it is french.

Anyway, he had taken kindly to calling me Rochella. A few pranks back he had said to me,

"You won't win, whats your face!" Because I hadn't told him my name. So I smirked.

"Rochelle. It's french for winner." I sneered.

"More like french for 'you suck'." He murmered. "See you later, Rochella." He left in the opposite direction, grumbling about something. I didn't know what was wrong with 'Rochellla' but I didn't like it. It wasn't my name.

"Rochelle!" I yelled after him. "French for awesome." He turned around.

"Rochella," He repeated. "French for 'you suck'." Then he turned to leave again.

And that was how that started. I glared at him.

"Well, lookie here, the monkey thinks it's got the banana. Well look here, Wolverine. Rochelle's gonna snatch that banana from you. Cause you haven't won it." I waved my pen in his direction.

"Whatever, Rochella." He turned back to his desk with a bright smile. I gripped my pen in anger. He thought he won? Well this was just the beginning! Rachel leaned over Anthony and tapped me. Not his desk, him. Seriously. She put an arm around his neck to steady herself and leaned across him and tapped me on the shoulder.

Anthony's face went bright red again, and he was probably thinking, "Jesus, caught between two girls with body buffer zone issues!"

"Hey Rochelle?" She whispered.

"What?" I asked, getting over my fury.

"What was that? You know, with Logan?" She asked.

"Nothin much, but the monkey think he's got the banana. Rochelle's going to have to snatch that banana from that monkey, cause he didn't win it yet." I repeated for her to hear. She sighed.

"Oh come on, this isn't worth it!" She told me.

"I didn't tell you what he did to my jacket, did I?" I asked. Rachel shook her head. I told her the details and she looked shocked. Her mouth gaped open revealing pink gum."Hey! Gimme some gum too. Were pal's, right?" I asked. Rachel sighed.

"Okay, okay. Fine. Although this is my favorite flavor." She told me as she reached into her pocked and brought out some gum. She sat back in her seat and tossed me a stick. She tossed it directly over my seat, however, and it hit Logan's desk.

"Hey Wolverine, " I growled. "That's mine!" He picked up the stick and gave me a sideways look. Then he put it in his mouth and began to chew. I boiled with fury. "That was mine!" I said as quiet as I could manage. He put on a mock shocked face.

"Oh. My. God. I am soo sorry Rochelle. But you know, things happen." He laughed as he rudely smacked on MY gum. Smack. Smack. Smack.

It took all the power in me and Anthony's hand on my shoulder to not pry Wolverine's stupid jaw open and take my gum back.

"Slow breath's Rochelle." Anthony told me, like I a was a three year old with issues.

"Oh shut up for a moment." I snapped while brushing his hand off my shoulder and turning to my desk. The bell rang and Ms. Sanchez began with the lesson. I took a nice nap and when I woke up Anthony was tapping me with his pencil.

"Rochelle, psst! Rochelle!" I looked up and rubbed my eyes.

"Whadaya wahn, nerrd." I asked him.

"Time to go! To next class!" He whispered.

"Yeeah....just a sec...." I let my eye lids shut. In an instant someone took my arm and dragged me up. My eyes snapped open. "Hey!" I complained to Rachel as she dragged me out of the classroom.

"Don't hey me Rochelle, I just saved you. If Ms. Sanchez saw you asleep she would have sent you to a week detention. She hates people who fall asleep in class." Rachel told me. After I remembered that fun fact I quickly recovered from sleep. Katie walked out of the classroom behind us.

"Hey, you saw Logan take my gum. Can I have another piece?" I asked.

"Sure. But this is my last one. Or the last one I'm giving you anyway." Rachel gave it to me. I didn't unwrap it and eat it yet.

"Aren't you going to - " Katie began,

"Nah, shush. I'm going to go to my locker and put this Math book back first. It's heavy, ya know? I would get Shinichi to carry it but he's in that grade above us." I explained. I opened my locker and screamed.

"Is that - " Anthony asked behind me.

"Moldy food from the cafeteria?" Katie finished.

"Ouch." Rachel commented as I took Anthony's advice. Slow, deep, breaths.

"HE IS SO GOING TO GET IT!" I shouted.

"Calm down Rochelle." Rachel told me.

"CALM – calm down? What the heck, wouldd you calm down if this was in your locker?!" I demanded. The history book and gum fell out of my hands as I saw Logan approaching.

"Hey Rochella." He grinned. "Having fun?"

"YOU!" I choked out. Anthony took a step back.

Rachel, Anthony, Katie, Logan, and I eyed the piece of gum on the floor.

"I DARE YOU." I said in a voice far from a whisper. Logan took a step closer. Closer. Closer. His arm extended and he picked up the gum.

"Don't do it." I saw Rachel mouth out of the corner of my eye. Logan slowly unwrapped the piece and put it in his mouth. He began to slowly chew. I counted.

One. Two. Three.

I jumped. I heard a startled screech from Anthony. Rachel and Katie began shouting ,

"Rochelle! Logan! Rochelle!" Traitors, rooting for the enemy!

"Get – off!" Logan squirmed under my weight. I laughed and took a hold of his jaw.

"Rochelle stop!" Anthony squealed, as if he was being the one attacked. I managed to pry his jaw open. Logan began thrashing violently.

"Gimme-that-back-" I huffed while sticking one of my hands into his mouth. His screeching was muffled as I reached around for my gum.

Tooth. Tooth. Tongue. Ah....here we go! I pulled my hand out of his mouth, getting both pieces of gum back.  

"Ah hah!" I laughed. In the moment I let some of my stregnth down he shoved me off of him. And snatched back his gum. I tackled him again, except for this time he was prepared. So we were rolling on the floor like a bunch of cats.

I felt my collar being lifted up. I looked to see Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Rodriguez dragging us away from each other.

"It was an accident!" I screamed out the lie. Then I looked at the gum in my hand. I had won it! Gotten it! "Nevermind." I smirked as I stuck the gum in my pocket. This was good enough for me.

Ms. Sanchez was dragging a choking Logan off down the other side of the hall. Mr. Rodriguez waited until they were a good distance away before dropping my collar.

"Rochelle Zimmerman!" His voice tone told me that I was in deep trouble. "Anthony Parks informed me and Ms. Sanchez of you and Logan's fighting. I am very disappointed in the both of you. A week's detention and a note home to both of your parent's." He gave me a serious look. I saw Anthony looking moments from tears behind Rachel.

"I'm sorry, I just saw fighting and Rochelle could have gotten hurt, and - " Rachel glared at him and he calmed down. Apparently she was getting enjoyment from the fight. Katie looked neutral.

"It's okay Anthony, you did the right thing. As for you Rochelle, I don't know what you think gives you the right to stick a hand down another student's throat - "

"He had my gum!" I held up my hand covered in spit and showed Mr. Rodreguiez the gum. He looked disgusted.

"Whatever, look Rochelle, I can see your dilemma. However, seeing as how you attacked Logan, and well, you apparently had to...get back your gum...you won't be suspended. But this is the only warning you get. Don't forget those detentions." Mr. Rodriguez left down the hall in the direction of Logan, I suspect to give him the same talk.

"Thanks for telling, Anthony." I told him.

"What?" Rachel and Anthony asked in the same breath.

"Don't you see?" Katie questioned, elbowing Rachel. "She isn't thankful for Anthony telling, she's thankful for Anthony telling because he cared. She's thankful for friends who would do something for her even though they know she would be mad. She's thankful for a friend like you, Anthony."

We were all quiet.

"Ehh....no. I'm thankful because if Mr. Rodriguez hadn't jerked me up at that exact moment then I wouldn't have gotten the gum out of Logan's mouth. But that too I guess." I shrugged. Katie looked annoyed.

"Figures." Rachel laughed. "Anyway, don't you think you took it too far? You stuck your hand down his throat!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, well you know. All is fair in hate and war."

"Rochelle it's love and war." Anthony corrected.

"Well then they've got that saying wrong. If you love someone, why would you go to war with them? Like an oxy moron or something." I watched the horrified disgusted faces as I looked at the gum and tossed it in my mouth.

"If you hate a guy, why would you - "

"What, you mean I'd waste that entire fight on nothing? You gotta be kidding me." I told them as I smacked away. I grimaced.

"What?" Rachel asked. "Realized how disgusting that was?"

"Nah, can you believe it? He chewed out all the flavor!" I grouched. "I swear, went through that entire thing for NOTHING." I threw the gum on the ground and slouched off to my next class.

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