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Rescue My Soul (from their destructions)

Dear Agent,

Nineteen year-old Janet Nakano loves her brother Jude. That's why she has to kill his girlfriend.

When Janet loses her job and is evicted Jude has no problem letting her stay with him. Janet is relieved that she won't be living on the streets, but that relief is short lived when she meets Jude's girlfriend, Harley, and discovers that she is ex-meth addict who regularly beats the crap out of Jude.

But to Jude, the agony of losing Harley is worse than the abuse he regularly suffers to be at her side. He can't let her go. He begs Janet not to call the police and even compares Harley to a lost, orphaned, sad little child. He claims that Harley is hurting and he is the only person that can help her.

However, Janet could really care less about the "true love" Jude claims is between him and Harley. After all, Harley is abusive and it's for his own good that she gets thrown in jail. But Janet is caught between a rock and a hard place when Harley begins to deal drugs again. With Jude's money.

So if she tells then not only will Jude get sent to prison for being involved, but there's also the chance of getting her head smashed in by angry drug addicts because she disrupted their trade. To make matters worse, a police officer from the Major Case Squad has begun to investigate Harley.

In between lying to Detective Mathieu Ames for the woman she hates most in the world and trying to stay away from a drug dealer's son Harley brought to the apartment who seemed to take an intrest in her, Janet promised herself that she wouldn't loose her cool or do anything irrational.

She promised herself she wouldn't do something that would hurt and not help her situation. She promised herself she wouldn't commit murder.

But there's a way around every promise.

RESCUE MY SOUL is a 50,000 word Contemporary YA novel.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Rachel Summers